Begin your renovation journey by filling out our online inquiry form or reaching out via email or phone. We’ll start with a free discovery call over Zoom with our founder, Craig Eden, to explore your project in depth. To make the most of this conversation, we ask you to share videos, photos, rough dimensions, or any initial designs of the space via info@edenbuild.ca prior to the call. During the call, we’ll discuss your overall vision for the renovation project, layout possibilities, scope of work, project timeline, and estimated costs. 

Niagara home renovation company, founder Craig Eden of Eden Build
Eden Build home renovation van in Niagara Region

STEP 2 pre-construction planning

After our initial discussion, we move into the pre-construction planning phase, which involves:

  1. Home Consultation: During this visit, we:
    • Conduct a thorough assessment of the renovation space
    • Take precise measurements and 360-degree photos
    • Discuss renovation plans, layout, scope of work, and any necessary involvement of other renovation professionals.
  2. Consultations with Other Professionals: If needed, we’ll collaborate with engineers, B.C.I.N designers, architects, interior designers and/or specialized trades. These consultations are crucial for projects requiring structural or layout changes.
  3. Construction-Level Drawings: We create detailed construction drawings, unless they were previously produced by another professional before consulting with Eden Build.
  4. Scope of Work Definition: We define the scope of work in detail to ensure a clear understanding of project requirements. This helps with accurate quotations, efficient resource allocation, effective communication with specialized trades, and maintaining quality standards throughout the project.
  5. Quotation and Renovation Contract: We provide a detailed fixed-price quotation and renovation contract outlining project specifics and terms.
  6. Permit Application: If necessary, we handle the permit application process.

STEP 3 construction

This is when the construction work will begin on your home renovation. We work with high quality trades throughout the Niagara Region and our own skilled labor force to ensure your project is completed with the highest attention to detail. Throughout the renovation we keep our clients informed every step of the way using Job Tread, a unified platform connecting our site supervisor, project manager, Eden Build founder, and clients. Job Tread provides transparency, efficiency, and peace of mind, ultimately resulting in a smoother and more successful renovation project. Any changes to the project scope are promptly discussed and reviewed with our clients to ensure transparency and alignment with their expectations. Professional project management, quality craftsmanship, cleanliness and clear communication are at the core of our process.

Niagara Home Renovation. Man doing trim work
Niagara bathroom renovation with navy vanity and glass shower

STEP 4 post-construction

We’ll make sure your home renovation meets your expectations and vision. After project completion, we’ll conduct a pre-delivery walkthrough with you to ensure the project meets our high standards. Our commitment to quality includes a five-year warranty on all workmanship.


In this guide, gain valuable insights about what to expect when renovating your home with Eden Build.


In this guide, gain valuable insights about what to expect when renovating your home with Eden Build.


Yes. It is important to ensure that your renovation contractor has insurance in place as this helps protect both you and their business. At Eden Build we have general liability insurance and WSIB for our employees and subcontractors.

Yes. At Eden Build we provide an in-home consultation following a discovery call. The purpose of this visit is to assess the renovation site in detail, take precise measurements, determine a detailed scope of work for your renovation project, and identify if other renovation professionals such as engineers and architects will need to be consulted.

After your home consultation, clients will be presented with either a detailed fixed-price quotation for projects that do not require structural or layout changes, or a pre-construction contract for projects that require structural changes, layout changes, and renovation permits.

Yes. You will be provided with a written contract during the Pre-Construction phase that provides a detailed scope of work and outlines the cost of the project. It is important that you thoroughly read your contract and speak directly with our team if you have any questions or concerns.

The prices within your detailed fixed-price quote are firm. However, with any home renovation,
there are occasionally unexpected costs that occur once a project has started. In the
event this occurs, our team will always discuss extra costs with you before proceeding
with any changes to the renovation plan.

Your municipality’s bylaws and the nature of your renovation project will determine whether you need permits. However, if you carry out a renovation that alters the structure of your home, you should generally anticipate requiring a permit. For example, you will likely need a permit if you are:

• Adding any new additions to the home
• Removing walls
• Adding new windows or doors
• Installing fireplaces
• Updating your plumbing or electrical systems

During the Pre-Construction phase of your renovation project, we will discuss whether
your project will require a permit.

Yes. At Eden Build we collaborate with highly skilled trades throughout the Niagara Region to complete your home renovation or addition project. We have long standing relationships with all of our trade partners and suppliers and as such, we trust their products, reliability, workmanship, and dedication for customer satisfaction.

In most cases, we discourage our clients from managing or performing some of the work themselves. Our role as the General Contractor is to manage the project in its entirety which requires expertise in construction timelines in order to efficiently schedule our trade partners to seamlessly complete your renovation project. Often when clients perform the work themselves or hire their own trades there can be issues with timelines, liability, and so forth. Your general contractor offers several advantages, including project management expertise, time savings, quality control, workmanship warranty and, most importantly peace of mind during your renovation project.

Yes, in most cases, you can make changes during your renovation. However, it is important to understand that this will typically result in changes to your project timeline and cost. We require our clients to make decisions ahead of time so this will not delay the overall scheduling including all the subsequent trade partners. During the preconstruction
phase we will discuss the project timeline and indicate what decisions need to be made and when. We encourage all clients to work with a designer to help make selections with confidence. Working with a designer can help improve your satisfaction with the end result and reduce changes once the construction phase is underway. 
Should a client make a change during the renovation that is not included in the original contract, we will require the client to sign a Change Order form in order to authorize the cost and timeline change prior to the work being done.

We encourage our clients to start planning their renovation/addition as early as possible. Generally, a larger scale renovation or home addition will require a longer time to organize. There may be many details that need to be planned prior to starting the project such as design work, engineering, creating a schedule, permit application,
ordering supplies, etc. and all these tasks take time. The physical renovation will take up a large portion of time as well.

At Eden Build we value a highly organized and tidy construction site and want to make sure the renovation process is as smooth as possible for you. We will provide daily construction site clean-up and a thorough clean after your renovation project is complete.

For many of our renovation services, clients can live in their homes throughout the construction phase. If remaining in your home throughout your renovation project, please keep in mind that there will be minor inconveniences, including periodic loss of use of certain rooms, brief pauses in utilities such as electrical and water, dealing with minor amounts of noise and dust, etc. We use products such as floor protection and dust barriers to try and minimize disruptions to our clients’ daily routines. It is advised that clients leave their home for projects such as full home renovations and additions with roof removal.

Our clients are provided with a payment schedule within their construction contract. There will be multiple payments scheduled according to project milestones. Clients can pay by cheque, bank draft, and in some cases e-transfer may be appropriate.

Yes. We are happy to provide you with references from our previous projects upon request. If you would like to hear more about our clients’ recent experiences using our renovation services, please see our reviews on Google.