Glavcic kitchen renovation in niagara falls

renovation overview

RENOVATION TYPE: Kitchen and dining area renovation in a detatched home.

LOCATION: Located in Niagara Falls, Ontario, this home is in a city celebrated for its stunning waterfall and a mix of natural beauty, attractions, and entertainment. It features a lively downtown with casinos, museums, and diverse dining options.

MAIN CHALLENGES: The homeowner faced a challenge with an outdated kitchen and dinette lacking storage, desiring a modern aesthetic and enhanced functionality through custom cabinetry. To stay within budget and minimize renovation waste, the existing cabinetry in the kitchen area, which was in excellent condition, was painted, and custom cabinetry was added in the dining area.

RENOVATION COST: Classified as an “Entry Level” kitchen renovation, kitchens such as this can cost around $70,000 (not including interior design services or appliances)


“We hired Eden Build to renovate our kitchen and I’m so glad we did! Craig and company were very professional. They did great quality work, were very responsive to any issues that arose and stayed on schedule. They left the house very clean each day. We are 100% satisfied with their work and are so happy with our new kitchen.”

Niagara kitchen island with white quartz counters

Before The Renovation

Scope of Work

Construction: The renovation began with the demolition of the existing kitchen floors and backsplash. Subsequently, new drywall was expertly installed and patched where necessary to ensure a seamless finish.

Cabinetry: To maintain a connection with the kitchen’s original charm while infusing it with a contemporary feel, the existing cabinetry was preserved and revitalized with a fresh coat of paint. The kitchen island underwent a strategic reconfiguration to enhance the room’s layout and functionality. Additionally, new custom cabinetry, designed to harmonize with the existing style, was crafted and installed in the dining area, significantly increasing storage capabilities. All cabinetry hardware was also updated, providing a modern touch to the cabinets’ rejuvenated appearance.

Countertops: The renovation introduced new, durable quartz countertops to the kitchen. Opting for a stylish contrast, black quartz was chosen for the perimeter cabinets, while a white quartz was selected for the island, blending durability with stylish aesthetics.

Tile: The floors and backsplash received a complete makeover with the installation of new tiles, selected for both their beauty and durability, thereby laying a fresh foundation that complements the kitchen’s overall design.

Lighting: Lighting played a crucial role in this renovation, with the addition of new pendant lighting over the kitchen island creating a focal point. The dining area was enhanced with the installation of two elegant wall sconces, alongside a new chandelier over the dining table, each piece carefully chosen to illuminate the space and add warmth.

Paint: To bring the entire renovation together, the walls were treated to a fresh coat of paint, providing a clean and inviting backdrop that beautifully ties in all elements of the kitchen’s new design.

after the renovation